FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Doriyumi patterns in U.S. or U.K. crochet terminology?

All Doriyumi crochet patterns are written in U.S. crochet terminology.

May I sell the finished items made using Doriyumi patterns?

Yes, you may sell your work from any Doriyumi crochet patterns (unless otherwise noted), but please do NOT sell or reproduce the pattern instructions themselves. Please also provide proper credit such as “Pattern by Doriyumi.com” either on your listings or on your gift tags. Mass production is NOT allowed. Thank you.

Are Doriyumi patterns available in knit versions?

Unfortunately, no. At this time, I do not knit and thus, will not have a knitted version of any of my patterns.

I really like one of your crochet patterns; however, I do not crochet. Can I place an order for the finished item instead?

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I am not able to take any orders at this time.

Where can I buy Doriyumi patterns?

You can buy Doriyumi patterns in my RavelryCraftsy or Etsy shops.

What are Doriyumi patterns like?

Doriyumi premium patterns are always in PDF format. It is clearly written and include several photos to help guide you along. Some patterns will include step-by-step photo tutorial. All premium patterns are tested by different levels of crocheters to ensure that they are free of errors. The entire process takes several weeks and sometimes months to compile!

Are Doriyumi patterns available in other languages?

Currently, all Doriyumi patterns are offered in English only. Some patterns may be translated and if so, will be noted on the pattern page.

May I translate your free patterns and share them on my blog or website?

Yes, upon agreement. If you’re interested in translating a Doriyumi pattern, please contact me via email.

You will need to:

  • Translate the entire pattern following the exact format of the original English pattern.
  • Provide your name and blog/website information.
  • Provide me a Microsoft Word document of your translation to be shared on my website.
  • Credit the original author (Doris Yu of Doriyumi) in your translated pattern as well as on your blog/website.


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