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Yeti & the Igloo

Yeti & Igloo - Crochet Pattern by Doriyumi

Yeti & the Igloo

Meet Yeti / Snow Monster / Abominable Snowman from the snowy corner of our home! He is very playful but gets sleepy easily, which is when he likes to take naps in his igloo home.

There are two options for the igloo – one with an opening at the bottom, one without. Instructions for both options are included in the pattern. Regular worsted weight yarn is used in the sample, but you may also try using fun fur yarn or using a wire brush to make Yeti more fluffy and snowy!

Pattern level: Easy / Advanced Beginner

You will need:


  • Yeti measures approx. 6” height x 5.75″ width (arm to arm).
  • Igloo measures approx. 8.75″ height x 9″ width x 11″ depth.


  • This crochet pattern is in PDF format (9 pages, 1.3 MB in file size) and includes clearly written instructions, progress photos and stitch count for every round.
  • Doriyumi patterns are always written using standard U.S. crochet terminology. An abbreviation chart in U.S. versus U.K./Canada terminology is included in the pattern for your reference.

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