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Pretzel & Soda

Pretzel Soda - Crochet Pattern by Doriyumi

Pretzel & Soda

Hungry? How about a guilt-free, calorie-free pretzel topped with sea salt and a cup of soda? This is a perfect crochet project to add to a kid’s play kitchen. Use any worsted weight yarn for this easy and fun project!

Pattern level: Easy

You will need:

  • Crochet hooks G/4.0mm & H/5.0mm
  • Yarn needle
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Stitch marker (optional)
  • Plastic straw & paper cup (optional)
  • #4 medium worsted weight yarn (the exact yarn brand(s) & color(s) are specified in the pattern)


  • Pretzel measures approx. 5” wide.
  • Soda measures approx. 5” tall from cover to bottom of cup; approx. 7” tall from straw to bottom.
  • This pattern uses mostly basic stitches such as sc (single crochet) and sc2tog (single crochet decrease).


  • This crochet pattern is in PDF format (5 pages, < 1 MB in file size) and includes clearly written instructions, progress photos and stitch count for every round.
  • Doriyumi patterns are always written using standard U.S. crochet terminology. An abbreviation chart in U.S. versus U.K./Canada terminology is included in the pattern for your reference.

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